On Garfie, Volume 1, Creation and Civilization

An exploration by Ceesjhay,

Since time immemorial, humanity has had a deep connection with other animals. Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend, and cats were quite literally worshipped in ancient Egypt. What has been too seldom considered is that the universe as we know it may have been made by and for the members of a so-called ‘lower species’. Continue reading

Recurrent Sleep Paralysis: My Experience


(Originally posted April 2018)

An anecdotal angle on the topic:

By making it to this article, I’m sure you’ve read late night Creepypasta‘s or have heard  horrorstories about sleep paralysis, a rather unusual transitional state between sleep and wakefulness. Sleep paralysis occurs during REM sleep, the phase of sleep in which most vivid dreaming occurs. As you enter the REM stage, your body induces a temporary state of muscle paralysis. This in turn serves as a safety mechanism, protecting the subject from physically acting out his or her dreams. The dreamer is usually not aware of the transition. Continue reading